LA audio 231G-SP dual 31 band 1/3 octave graphic equalizer 19" 3U

LA audio 231G-SP dual 31 band 1/3 octave graphic equalizer 19" 3U

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LA audio 231G-SP dual 31 band 1/3 octave graphic equalizer 19" 3U. Condition: Very Good.

- Second hand product.

The EQ231-GSP is a highly versatile combination of dual 31 band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equaliser, LF and HF variable frequency Shelving Equaliser, variable High and Low Pass filters and Limiter-Noise Gate. 

The band pass filters are based around precision minimum phase active RC networks to deliver superior dynamic range and signal to noise performance. An optional Inductor board may be specified for the top eight frequencies (4kHz-20kHz) to further improve noise and phase linearity. Long throw faders provide maximum sensitivity and control of 12dB cut and boost at 31 ISO centre frequencies covering the entire audio spectrum (20Hz to 20kHz). 

The Shelving Equaliser section offers continuous adjustment of boost/cut and corner frequency. This allows an engineer to tailor the sound without altering the graphics settings. The High and Low Pass filters use 4th order bi- quadratic topology to offer 24dB/octave slope and superior stability. The Dynamics section uses a fast RMS detector with soft-knee characteristics. The Limiter features a Threshold control and 3-segment gain reduction display. The Noise Gate features a Threshold Control and Gate Closed indicator. 

The EQ231-GSP has electronically balanced inputs and outputs on XLR, with front panel phase reverse switches on the outputs. An optional Transformer Output module is available, featuring Active Distortion Cancellation circuitry that reduces to negligible levels the LF distortion inherent in Passive Transformer designs. Power relays ensure silent power on/off and also automatic bypassing of the unit when switched off. All switches are indicated with status LED's. Each channel incorporates an input level control with clip LED and may be individually bypassed.

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